Neurodevelopment Initiatives

  • The Allen Institute for Brain Science (Seattle, Washington) is under contract to conduct a high throughput analysis of gene expression in the developing Rhesus macaque brain.
  • The goal is to produce a publicly accessible gene expression map of the macaque brain, and to lay the groundwork for mapping gene expression in the human brain.
  • Under a subcontract, the University of California Davis will collect and prepare Rhesus macaque brain tissue for gene expression analysis.
  • In partnership with the UC Davis/NINDS/NIMH NeuroMab Facility, this initiative is funding the targeted manufacture and distribution of a large number of high quality monoclonal antibodies for neurodevelopment research.
  • A list of antibody targets in progress can be found at under Current Projects.
  • Understanding how neural circuits take shape is essential for understanding how the normal brain functions and how abnormal brain development contributes to neurological and mental health disorders.
  • This RFA solicited novel approaches for the study and manipulation of neural circuits as they form during development.